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Stop Believing the Lies, Start Believing the Facts

You know what? This election is worse than any I can remember for blatant lying. It started during the Republican Primaries, and continues to this day even in the Presidential Debate. I am a big time supporter of truth, justice, and factual evidence, especially in times of elections.

Choosing the Right Free Accounting Software for Your Small Business

Since I started my freelance web design business over 2 years ago, and one thing I have constantly been searching for is a free, yet functional accounting software for my small business needs. I am only one guy and I pay out for contract work here and there, so the feature list doesn't have to be amazing, but it needs to fit my needs. There have been a few that I have tried, but each has had one major drawback to their usage, which is the limited amount of customers allowed on your free account.

Reload Your CSS Automatically With a Bookmarklet

Busy web designers and web developers are constantly looking for new tools to help them enhance their productivity and allow them to get their tasks done with less repetitive steps. I happen to be a busy Drupal web developer, and one of the most tedious tasks that I encounter on a daily basis is reloading a webpage to see my changes. I have been encountering this more often lately as I have become a bit of a Drupal theming junkie.

Re-launched an Old Blog of Mine on Blogger, The Supa Wide Web

I was bored earlier and was reading an article on some of the new improvements to Google's Blogger service. I have had a blogger site up for a long time, but it is more or less a social feed of what I post to Facebook, Twitter, and every so often I do a real post. I used to have a blog that I ran a few years ago that has now officially spanned to 3 different content management systems. Originally I built the blog on Wordpress, as it was all I found related to blogging platforms and it looked pretty easy to install.

My Drupal Alpine Theme Featured on

My Drupal Alpine theme was featured on a post on in a list of the Top 40 Drupal 7 themes sometime in March. Since the post was made, usage of my theme has skyrocketed twice fueled by the Drupal 7 Alpine release. It was closing in on 500 sites back on September 11th when the stats were last tallied. It will be interesting to see what the next update brings.

New Creative Commons Drupal Theme Available on, EarthlingTwo

I have released a new Creative Commons Drupal theme called EarthlingTwo. It is based off of a Creative Commons HTML/CSS layout by the same name, created by NodeThirtyThree and Free CSS Templates. I had previously released a Drupal theme called Zenlike, which was based on another Creative Commons Drupal theme by this duo. I am currently using Zenlike as the theme for one of my  Drupal themes websites, and my Drupal web development website.

Just Launched a New Drupal Themes & CSS Templates Website,

I have been doing a ton of Drupal theming lately, and from what I have seen, there are just not enough free drupal themes out there. I have decided to attack this problem head-on by continuing to provide great Drupal 6 themes and Drupal 7 themes on and my new website, Theme Root. You might even go as far to say that some of my Drupal themes will be premium quality Drupal themes that happen to just be free. There are few great GPL CSS templates out there that aren't either already a Drupal theme or already a Wordpress theme. Our goal is to find Creative Commons Free CSS templates and create Creative Commons Drupal themes and release them on the site. Theme Root will also showcase some of the best Premium Drupal themes on the web. We have made friends with some of Drupal's top themers and plan to help promote their Premium themes whenever possible. We also hope to form more business relationships with other Premium Drupal theme shops.

Drupified is Here! Get Drupified with Drupal 7 Today!

I have launched a new website today devoted to promoting the Drupal Content Mangement System, This site is a similar site to my website, but the main focus on Drupified is to promote Drupal 7 and Drupal 7 projects. Drupal Servers was more based around Drupal 6 and what Drupal 6 projects had to offer. I have decided that continuing to promote Drupal means promoting the newer version that was released, and it's contributed modules and themes.

Made This Space Invader Tonight

I made this image tonight :)

It's a Space Invader. I did it with a 50px square pencil :) Enjoy!


Space Invader

More Than a Handful of Drupal 7 Themes Available Now

I have been cataloging Drupal themes over at my site,, for a long time now and I have started to notice an awesome trend. There are more and more Drupal 7 themes becoming available each week. This is probably due to the fact that Drupal 7 has finally hit beta. I look forward to seeing what themers in Drupal 7 bring to the table. I personally am going to get started on a few custom themes I have been thinking about doing for a little while now. I currently have 3 Drupal 6 themes available on If you haven't already, please check them out and let me know what you think. Here are their project pages:

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